Expansion Joints

Atlantic Construction Services, Inc. can provide all your expansion joint needs. Our services includes removal of damaged belts, duct and frame repair, manufacturing of new belts, and installation or providing belts for your own installation. Our belts are made from Teflon 14-7 or Thermalam 50/14 with temperature ranges from 400 to 1800 degrees. We have the ability to manufacture these belts as soon as we have established accurate measurements. We also offer Hi-temp molded joints, E.P.D.M., and Viton Belts.

Expansion Joint Styles

“SP” style expansion joint is a “setback” design which allows drop-installation of the per-assembled joint into an existing duct opening.sp_style_expansion_joint

“SF” style expansion joint is a “setback” design which offers a greater active belt width to absorb large movements. Belt flange hardware is accessible from both sides for ease R&I in the field. Joint attachment is achieved via welded nuts or welding.


“BI” style expansion joint allows for installation from the inside of the duct. Eliminating the need for costly external staging.


“B” style expansion joint is a slat belt designed as a replacement for an existing flexible element or be installed directly over existing duct work.


“E” style expansion joint is a standard design for vibration isolation applications.


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