Baghouse Services

You can trust Atlantic Construction for top-notch baghouse maintenance services for your dust collector, baghouse or cartridge collectors. Baghouse (Dust Collectors) maintenance is usually hot, dirty, difficult, and sometimes a dangerous job. An improperly operating baghouse collector can be a hazard and/or an environmental problem for the company, while a well-maintained system will reduce downtime, maximize performance, and in the end, save your facility money.

ACS, Inc. not only supplies the replacement elements, we can remove and replace the existing elements during a scheduled time or an emergency shutdown. Our highly trained crews of dust collector specialists know and understand the importance of removing and replacing filter elements quickly, safely, and properly.

ACS, Inc. travel’s all over New England and can accommodate your plant's unique circumstances and schedules.

Our Baghouse Services Include:

  • Installation or Replacement of Filter Bags
  • Installation or Replacment cages for your baghouse
  • Replacement solenoids and valves for flow control
  • Leak powder and leak testing lights

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